Sunday, July 3, 2011

My happy space: 3rd July 2011

Today I am simply posting some images to make you smile.

I figure that I probably have a pretty variable group of blog readers
so I am hoping that if I post a few different snaps,
you might find something that you like.


*Mandatory cute animal photo*


*Mandatory pretty fashion photo*


*Mandatory gratuitous semi-naked man photo*

*Mandatory cute baby photo*


*Mandatory gorgeous nature photo*


*Mandatory cute baby posing with cute animal photo*


*Mandatory role model photo*

Er,, bad.
Make that *Mandatory Wanker Celebrity whose fangs are dripping tiger blood photo*


*Mandatory um....hitchikers with 6 packs and not much else photo*

(OK really another gratuitous semi-naked men photo.
You can always close your eyes if you really want to)

And, lastly,...




...just because they are cool.

Hope that you all have a great week
with a few belly laughs along the way.


Tania said...

Best call the Middle in for the mandatory WHOAR! at the animal hand pics (but I'll be skimming past a lot of the bloke shots for his benefit).

A Farmer's Wife said...

Great photos.

I reckon those hitch hiking boys got a lift.

Tin Can Daisy said...

I'll take the baby in the bunny suit and the hitch hikers please :D