Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I'm just on a coffee break.


I have not felt like blogging this past week.

The cold weather has set in,
I seem to have a never-ending and ever-increasing "to do" list at the moment,
I am sewing and knitting but not wanting to say much about it
and I am generally not feeling very inspired to blog.

I am not far away.
Just here, pottering,
drinking an every increasing amount of coffee
as the days get colder and shorter.

Which was OK yesterday when I was told that consuming 4 cups a day will stave off Alzheimer's Disease.

Not so good today when I have been told that it is the most likely factor to
rupture any brain aneurysm you may have.

I think that I would rather be awake and artificially hyped and energised,
 taking that calculated small risk,
compared to being naturally grumpy and lethargic but with my brain vessels intact.

I think I'll go and boil the kettle and make myself another cup of coffee
while I think about it.

(It is worth noting that sex, blowing your nose, getting angry and straining on the loo
as well as drinking cola or strenuous exercise are also factors that increase the likely rupture of an aneurysm.
Thankfully most of these activities are not things you would do all the same time
or else you might be in real trouble)


The Handmaden said...

Oh Tas, it's so cold here today!! Coffee is an excellent remedy, as is piping hot tea:) Knitting is a good idea too but I'm opting for quilting at the moment,

Tracy aka Mad Quilter said...

Yep, it's starting to feel like winter is on it's way. Snuggling in front of the fire with knitting in hand ..just bliss.

Tin Can Daisy said...

Happy coffee drinking :) I don't drink coffee. It doesn't like me. I wonder what the 6 cups of tea I drink a day are doing to me though?

Oh and thanks for the health warnings. You made me laugh :)

Posie Patchwork said...

I don't drink coffee either, or tea, or alcohol, i'm sure they'll all end up being the death of me. Love how it's all such a mix up, i don't drink coca cola but i did go to the gym for vigorous exercise for the past 90 minutes, argh!! Love Posie