Monday, May 21, 2012

This Week...21st May, 2012

AMJ 2012

...There has been knitting...

Little Boozle 2012
(Maxi dress- Elena Nodel)

Little Boozle 2012
(Paint Me a Sweater- Elena Nodel)

...There has been embroidery and there has been sewing...

blog 2012 536 (Small)
(Red Riding Hood- Urban Threads)

Little Boozle 2012
(Imke Hoodie- Farbenmix)

...There have been (pink and sparkly) party preparations...

Little Boozle 2012

AMJ 2012

...There have been exciting travel preparations...


...There have been discussions with Mr Boozle about the 5 food groups.
He believes that they are (in no particular order):
 beef, lamb, chicken, fish and pork
(bacon being a condiment)...


...There has been another fishy death in the family
and a Staffy freaking out from balloons popping at parties...

blog 2012

...There has been a 5th birthday for the baby of the family,
an all-little-girl affair that was a lot pinker and a lot more glittery
(and a few octaves higher) than the previous all-boy parties that we have hosted
for her brothers.

AMJ 2012

AMJ 2012

..there was the reminder that 4 year old tantrums didn't just stop at midnight when someone turned 5...

...there was the trying-on of school uniforms
and a realisation of how close it is till our last born gets to try out her wings.
We know that she will soar but it is still bittersweet...


bec said...

Awww, awesome! A Pony party! Great pics, and awesome crafting. No more preschoolers in da house (technically, emotionally i'm sure there's still some haha)

CurlyPops said...

Mr Boozle has the same five food groups as me!
Is that fancy schmancy fairy bread up top?

Tasha said...

WOW I love the party food, I must file those ideas away and a Happy 5th to Mae :) I love the hoodie too something else to go on my list for one day...

The Handmaden said...

What a busy and productive week! I must do those little marshmallow teacup thingies for the girl's birthdays this year, they'd love them.
BTW Mr Boozle, I'm sure my hubs would have totally agreed with you in his pre - "I don't have to worry about cholesterol" days.