Thursday, December 12, 2013

Some people know that Christmas is approaching...


...when all the stores are playing (hideous- repetitive-elevator-music-versions of) Christmas Carols
and everywhere you look there are hundreds red and green candy canes...

...when their kids count down the days till Santa arrives...every day...all day...

..when they have already wasted a good few hours looking for that perfect egg nog recipe that
they used last Christmas Eve...


I know Christmas is approaching when the cat's poo is more tinsel than poo.

At least the chore of changing the cats' litter tray
is buoyed with a touch of Christmas cheer.

The only thing my cats like better than trying to decimate the tree itself

is to chew their way through the tinsel.

Disclaimer- this cute. innocent, harmless creature is not one of my cats.
My cats are much more cynical and devious and likely to eat Santa if he isn't careful.

1 comment:

Tania said...

Is now a good time to inform you that I spotted hot cross buns in the supermarket?