Sunday, October 10, 2010

Knit picking

Technically I am a knitter.

If someone asked me "can you knit?",
the answer is "oh, yes, but I haven't for a very long time"

As in about 30 years.

And as to what I ever knitted, I don't think much at all.

I could cast on, knit, purl and cast off.
But I have never ever knitted anything beyond a scarf
(and a very plain one at that)

The knitting bug hit me a few weeks ago.
And this is where the "impatient git" label in my personal profile can be noted.

Instead of making a few scarves or dishclothes or the like,
I started buying dress and jacket patterns for me and my offspring.

So making the following was a bit of a learning curve.
It wasn't really difficult
but as a beginner knitter, I did learn a lot.

Little Boozle

Pattern: Garnstudio and DropsDesign wrap-around jacket in 2 strands
Yarn: Cleckheaton Country Natural 8 ply

It is knitted as a double yarn
and in spite of the pattern stating 700 grams (14 balls).
I used 30 balls of wool.
So it is heavy, very warm and very expensive.

First lesson learnt- check the wool you are buying to that the pattern is made for.

I didn't make the collar as wide as in the pattern.
I wouldn't have had enough wool but I also didn't want it to be too droopy.

Little Boozle

Overall I am only unhappy with the final cost,
not helped by the fact that I bought most of the wool at spotlight the day before their 60% off yarn sale started.

I can't begin to tell you how heavy it is and it is chunkier than I was thinking
but as a "snuggle up and keep warm" jummper for winter,
it is perfect.

Shame that it is 25 degrees here today...


Carolyn said...

Tas- I think we have all gone *sigh* when we buy something and then that afternoon it goes on special!
I must say, it does look wonderful and super snuggly. Like one of those "chuck on over PJ cardies to run out rubbish bin" kind of cardies, but better looking for also the shops.
Well done on knitting such a significant project!

zofia said...

hehe, don't choose something easy hey? :P
I think it is sensational!
Well done *insert gold star smiley*

Tracy said...

Yay, tas! Excellent knit. Love the pattern. WOW 30 balls!! That is one expensive cardi, but the years of use you'll get from it will make it worth the initial cost.

Tanya said...

Is that where you live? It looks amazing. And, very nice cardi too, you over achiever you ;) - in a nice way xx

willow and moo said...

Tas, I'm very impressed!!! :)

Kate said...

It is gorgeous!
Forget the cost now and enjoy it and be super proud when everyone asks you where you bought it.
It is freezing here right now, you could always lend it to me.

Peta said...

Well you jumped in with both feet! It looks great on you and you will get heaps of wear out of it in years to come.

Jo-anne (Blossy) said...

It looks great Tas. I also know what you mean about buying things at spotlight before the sale. Last time I went they had a sale for the following two days. Too bad I didn't need anything else at the time or I would've gone back.

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

Wow for first time in 30 years I would have to say you did a fantastic job. I looks comfy too.

Mary said...

looks great Tas and at least it is 30 balls worth well spent all on you!! You will get years and years of wear out of it.

Quilary said...

You will love it more when the cold weather has it's last hurrah before summer hits and you're snug and warm in your "I made it myself" jacket.

Tin Can Daisy said...

Well look at it this way, it's only 1 ball for every year you haven't knitted, so it's really quite cheap isn't it? I'm so impressed you were able to knit all that in such a short time, my knitting projects take months.