Thursday, June 28, 2012

This Week...28th June, 2012

Little Boozle 2012

...It has been about fingerless mitts...

Little Boozle 2012

(Camp Out Fingerless Mitts)

Little Boozle 2012 coffee machine demanded to be descaled again
after only 2 weeks.
Methinks I have a coffee addiction problem.

...Mr Boozle and I had 4 child-free days in Melbourne for my 20 year
Uni reunion.

AMJ 2012

...We wandered...

blog 2012

...We shopped...

AMJ 2012

(OK I mostly shopped
while the Mr played Angry Birds
or stood outside shops with other husbands)

AMJ 2012

...I had forgotten how much I missed those trams...

AMJ 2012

...We caught up with old friends from Uni,
very old friends from high school
and friends who moved away last year...

AMJ 2012

...We had (very, very) late nights,
quiet mornings dozing,
too much wine
and probably didn't miss the kids
half as much as we should have...

AMJ 2012

...Our son lost his third fish to DBUC
("death by unknown causes")
in as many weeks
and is totally disheartened...

AMJ 2012

...Our youngest finished kindy
and is ready for school.

I am a little teary and she is not.

I am not sure why I am being emotional
as I more than ready for her to go to school
and so is she.

These bloody irrational maternal emotions.


Kate said...

Whew! Sounds crazy busy.
Lotsa fun though.
Especially the Melbourne part.
We had a stupid late night in Melbourne last weekend too. I just now finished recovering.
Bet those mitts came in handy.

Nikki said...

Loving the mitts!

And yes.. good old Melbourne town. Next time you're here, DROP IN!!

willow and moo said...

Love the new shoes. Glad you had such a great time in Melbourne.

Looking forward to seeing your fingerless gloves in person very soon!

Lela said...

Be still my beating have Fluevogs? I'm jealous if they are!