Monday, August 27, 2012


Little Boozle 2 2012

Unpicking seams and re-sewing a green op shop dress so that it fits.

Little Boozle 2012

Knitting more hats.
(Rikke hat- Sarah Young. Rav'd here)

Little Boozle 2 2012

Finally finishing a green skirt cut out months ago.
(Nicole Mallalieu's A Line skirt.
Fabulous pattern)

Little Boozle 2 2012

Sewing granny squares instead of crocheting them for a change.
(Ottobre women's tee 303)

Little Boozle 2012

Wearing my hat-that-looks-suspiciously-like-a-snail-having-a-snooze-on-my-head.
Cos everyone needs a hat that looks like a snail, right?
(Slouchy beehive hat- Flora Cheung- Rav'd here.)

Little Boozle 2 2012

Making clothes for holidays in the American desert.
(Hot Pattern's Cool, Calm and Cowl necked top)

Little Boozle 2 2012

Knitting a green jumper with lush, lime-ish yarn
that is beautiful to wear.
(Chandail cardigan- Triona Murphy. Rav'd here.)

I like green. 


Nikki said...

You make it well, and wear it well. Good to see that the skirt was finished (and how did you get on with that zip..?).

Karen said...

So many gorgeous shades of green - I love green, why don't I wear it?? You've got me thinking.
I love your 'snail' hat - very nice.

CurlyPops said...

Gosh you certainly have been busy!
Loving your new green cardi, and you've reminded me that I still have a couple of oppy finds that need some attention before they'll fit.

Sally said...

Lovely lovely green. Great skirt!!! Awesome hat too.