Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Meat for non-vegetarians

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I wouldn't make a good vegetarian.
I am a butcher's daughter and I don't like mushrooms. 
Not a good start.

If you don't like meat recipes, look away now.

This is seriously good.
I used to make it a lot when hubby and I were D.I.N.K.S,
before we lost our enjoyment and passion for cooking
as seems to happen when you are needing to feed 3 children
and try to get at least 2 out of 3 of them to eat what you are cooking.

I am a have-to-have-precise-amounts of ingredients kind of gal
If you are too,
tough cheddar.
You will have to forgive me as this is a throw-in-to-taste recipe.


Season Frenched (or not) lamb shanks with salt and pepper
then seal in a hot pan and remove.
(I don't use salt at this point as the later sauces 
cover any salt cravings)

Cook in a large pan:

chopped onions
chopped garlic
julienned ginger
whole chilli, sliced in half
chopped coriander roots
Stem of lemon grass, edge chopped

Add oyster sauce and ketjap manis
(and then some more)

Return shanks to pot.

Add chicken stock and kaffir lime leaves.

Cover and cook an hour till tender
(I cook for hours.
I have tried this in a slow cooker and it doesn't work as well.
Best on the stove top)

Serve with rice (or even mashed spuds)

I serve with a side dish of stir fried healthy things 
like snow peas, capsicum, bok choy, baby corn etc.

blog 2012

Sorry that you can't photograph taste.
Lamb shanks are not the most photogenic food in the world.
They have a face only a mother shank could love
but man, they taste mighty fine.



sascedar said...

oooh this looks tempting! I just bought some shanks, usually slow cook them in rosemary and plum jam. you might have just led me astray from a fave ;)sarah

Tanya said...

oh yum, I love lamb shank!