Friday, October 12, 2012

Love is...


...never having to say that you are sorry
for biffing your husband over the head with a blunt instrument
when he asks you for your support in facing the dire reality of his first grey hair.
(that would be asking support from the same wife who stopped counting hers a few years back when she hit grey #735
and has been budgeting for hair dyes ever since)

Toughen up, princess.


Tanya said...

well, I was just having a kiddie cuddle the other day and my kid says 'mum you've got some grey hairs'- I didn't really believe him, was at the hairdressers a few days later and said 'my kid said I have some grey hairs'..."you do...but there not that noticeable. Sometimes it pays to not be known for your obsevation skills! I quite like grey hair, though.

Deborah said...

I seem to be developing a small grey streak on my left side! have a happy weekend sweetie

Bee happy x

Lola Nova said...

Ha ha! Thanks for the smile!

Koala69 said...

Sigh, such is life.. we are no more youngsters... Guess how many grey hair Pasi has, I have not even counted. (I have none, such is this northern "baby-soft-hair type". One good thing in my hair.)

By the way: I have booked tickets and will travel on 22nd March 2013 (be there in 24th early in the morngin) and come back on 11th April.. this seems to come true... (More in email soon.)