Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The moonlighting navigator

USA Sept Oct 2012

When hubby and I travelled around Europe in an old Combie van in 2001,
I had not yet become a knitter.
He was designated driver and I was designated navigator.
No GPS or the like.
A good old fashioned map book and off we went.

Even without the distraction of crafting in the front passenger seat,
I will admit to a "few" uptight and I might say rather terse moments during those 7 months
when Mr Boozle had NFI where we were going
and neither did his navigator.

Who would have thought Lyon, France, could be such a pain in the butt to navigate?

This time around, Mr Boozle was again designated driver.
(Designated by me.
No way I was driving a 29 foot RV on the wrong side of hilly, windy roads
with 3 children in the back)

That left me to navigate.
Just me and the GPS from hell (but that is another story)

So I carefully chose a relatively mindless project for our recent RV holiday.
Just my favourite colours.
A simple repeating pattern.
No sharp needles with which to stab the driver in an impetuous moment of nagivation rage.

A crocheted blanket.

It filled in those driving hours and those quiet early morning hours.
(For some reason I was bright eyed and bushy tailed between 5 and 6 most mornings)

So I present...The evolution of My Very Excellent USA RV Adventure blanket.
(More on Rav here)

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USA Sept Oct 2012

USA Sept Oct 2012 607 (Small)

USA Sept Oct 2012 777

USA Sept Oct 2012

USA Sept Oct 2012

USA Sept Oct 2012

USA Sept Oct 2012

USA Sept Oct 2012

USA Sept Oct 2012

USA Sept Oct 2012

USA Sept Oct 2012

USA Sept Oct 2012

Las Vegas- Zion Canyon- Bryce Canyon- Capitol Reef- Canyonlands- Moab-Arches National Park- Mesa Verde- Canyon de Chelle- Petrified Forest National Park- Sedona- Grand Canyon National Park- Route 66- Las Vegas

Little Boozle 2 2012 056 (Small)

I started the day that we picked up our RV
and finished the morning that we dropped it back.
The 4 hour car ride from Vegas to LA
was spent "therapeutically" darning in the ends.

Little Boozle 2 2012 058 (Small)

Now if I can keep those sharp-clawed moggies away from it,
I have a blanket to keep me warm
and to remind me of an amazing holiday for years to come.


Tania said...

FABULOUS. Perfect result in every way.

(my Mr insists that I craft in the car - cuts way down on the backseat driving).

toadstooldots said...

what amazing pics! love the photo story and the idea of having such a blanket to remember a special holiday...

Lola Nova said...

It is beautiful! And what adventures it has had. Love the photos and I do believe I have the same hat :)

Koala69 said...

Hi Antti, what a lovely blanket you have done! So many kilometers behind, WOW!

bec said...

Wow! Awesome, and love the snaps with the WIP- awesome scenery!