Thursday, February 21, 2013

Out of the mouths of (growing-up-oh-so-quickly) babes


My oldest child is nearly 10.

A really awkward age when he (mostly) knows how to throw an insult out there
but often doesn't know how bad it is
or even what it means.

In the past 2 days alone,
thanks to assorted friends and books,
he has managed to offend practicing Christians ("for the love of Jesus Christ"),
elderly people (his grandparents are"fossils")
and pretty much anyone in between.

His best to date, however,
was to tell his little brother that he had a big dick.

A teasing fail firstly because his younger brother didn't even know what the word "dick" meant.

And secondly...well, for obvious reasons.

It proved very difficult during the parent-child talk about not using adult words
to restrain myself from explaining why this wasn't actually an insult
and why, one day, he might be praying desperately that someone might say it to him.

1 comment:

bec said...

Stop scaring me already! Mine's 9 and i'm starting to see some of this. Insults followed with 'noffence', and general sucky attidue. 'what doesnt kill us will make us stronger', right? Or hopefully stop us killing them teehee