Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The aftermath (Or "There is nothing worse than a reformed coffee addict")


It was 6 weeks ago today that such a tiny organism
created such a huge amount of disruption to my life and my health.

In the past fortnight,
finally, my energy levels and sleep patterns have returned to normal
and the still occasional abdominal cramping (because I ate something that obviously wasn't rice) has stopped.

But my body (or my mindset) is still in a weird place.
Weird good.
But still weird.

My carbohydrate addiction has been stifled.
I still love the little buggers but don't feel the inclination to stuff them in my mouth 
as my preferred food group.

I am craving vegetables.
Which is not something that the pre-Salmonella-run-in me would do.
My cravings usually cover coffee or salt or sugar or spicy or fat or fake flavourings...
Pretty much anything but healthy food.

I am specifically lusting after salad vegetables.

More specifically tomatoes and asparagus.

Fine now but I am screwed at the end of asparagus season in March.

I have gone from consuming 4 to 5 cups of coffee each day
to a total daily consumtion of a big, fat zero cups.
I am totally apathetic about that bean that I once cherished and worshipped.
I have had 1 and 1/2 coffees in the past 6 weeks
(the half being one that I couldn't finish)

The only consumption that I have considered 
is an iced coffee made with
(forgive me now and please don't let me be smited down by the coffee bean gods)
instant coffee.

Mr Boozle believes that the shakes and chills
on those first 3 days were purely caffeine withdrawal
and in no way related to acute food poisoning.

Now I must be clear here- I am not the reformed coffee addict.

I still wake up every morning pining for my love of coffee to return,
feeling like I have lost one of my best friends.

I watch my husband with envy every morning as he stumbles out to the kitchen
and doesn't truly wake up till that first espresso hits the lining of his stomach.

No, the reformed coffee addict of the title would be the perky, chatty, late teen check-out girl
who decided that 44 year old me obviously didn't appreciate that I have been saved
from the evils of coffee (...amen...)
and needed to be reminded of the perils of caffeine consumption
sleeplessness, diuretic leading to dehydration...

Now, there were more on the list but
I forget what else the lecture involved.

Ironically I reckon if I had 5 coffees under my belt,
I might have been awake enough to have heard the rest of the sermon.

(Or run off in the middle for an urgent pee)

I have resorted to buying some green tea,
usually kept for my lunches at the local sushi restaurant,
and some chai tea.
I even considered peppermint or camomile tea there for a minute.
(this from a person who doesn't understand why anyone would want to imbibe their flower garden.)


I am lost, searching for my new vice
while really knowing that nothing can replace my beloved cafe late.

Meanwhile, I am feeling healthier and have not only kept the weight off that I lost during my illness
but have slowly lost more weight.
Not a bad thing.
So I can live with weird for now.

 I guess you could say that 
every dose of Salmonella does come with a silver stomach lining.


Kate said...

Wowee!! What a crazy journey.
Vaguely even sounds like oe of my pregnancies.
I hope you find your happy, even ground soon.

Sally said...

Geez... that bug has really messed you around.
Hope you're on the up and up...

willow and moo said...

Hey! I drink coffee and my herb garden.

Glad you there is something positive out of your horrid ordeal and I'm not talking about the lack of desire for coffee. That I am actually concerned about. Who will make me coffee when we are away? I might have to do it myself. ;)