Tuesday, November 12, 2013

There are some things that you can live without knowing.

Some scientists in the world are trying to find a solution for world poverty and famine.
Others are assessing the problem of global warming.
Countless dedicated people are trying to find a cure for cancer.

While others spend 2 years of their lives swabbing belly buttons
to study naval biodiversity.


Today I found out that belly button fluff (or lint, whatever your preference)
harbours over 2000 different type of bacteria.

And about 1500 of them haven't been found anywhere else.

Can you imagine exactly what is in those jars that people have full of their collected naval lint?


I can never un-know that now.

I wont be playfully disgusted by Mr Boozle's belly button fluff anymore.
I will be truly repulsed.


At this point in time,
I am too scared to ask why it is always blue.


bec said...

Oh yuck. I really wished I'd skipped this now, I wont be able to un-remember it, when everything else goes through my brain like a sieve, this will stay. I'm scared to even check mine....

Sally said...

Errrr.... why'd ya tell me that?!?!