Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Autumn recession busting...

(single handledly!)

Mmmm, I have just looked at the (mainly on-line) shopping that I have done over the past few months and realised that I have surely contributed to the fact that the Australian economy isn't going bust.

So I feel the need to share, show off and most importantly cleanse myself of this bout of crafty shopping guilt - in prep for next time. Shhhhhhhhhhhhh!

First weakness- patterns! I only discovered the world beyond mainstream commercial patterns when I found Crafty Mamas last year. Boy, oh, boy- I didn't know about this world of boutique patterns out there! The only "commercial" pattern I have bought since entering this new world is a vintage reprint of a Butterick from ebay-soon to be sewn up as part of a vintage pattern sewalong at the Crafty Mamas forum.

A lot of the crafty mums at the forum are enamoured by Enid Gilchrist's many baby and children's pattern books. But I only just discovered that she did women's as well...and scored this from ebay.

Sewing 2009 001

Onion has some lovely patterns! Another Euro discovery. Most are also available with an English translation sent via email once you purchase the pattern.

Sewing 2009 012

Second weakness: embellishments. These are some gorgeous Farbenmix ribbons stocked in the Crafty Mamas shop.

Sewing 2009 008

No need to point out that I am also a sucker for fabric. One quilting cotton that I purchased was Michael Miller's "Hanging Cages". (I don't love the concept of birds in cages but some of the doors are open) This fabric is all for me! I visualise a jacket in a plain fabric with this fabric as eg jacket band and cuffs. We'll see...

Sewing 2009 002

And I have just discovered knit sewing. Another stash in the making.
Most of these are for my little girl but a couple I bought (like the chocolate/pink/blue rose one) are for me! These were bought at The Fabric Fairy in the USA.

Sewing 2009 005

Sewing 2009 006

I impulse bought this "nappy" bag last week at a local sale. To me it is a "crochet project" bag. A couple of local school mums run a business called Skedaddle which sells a variety of (mainly Australian made) goodies like children's hats, back packs, nappy bags, hair accessories, jewellery, lunch boxes. They had an end of season sale which happened to be in the next street on a morning when my mum was visiting and I only had one child in tow (fate or what?) But seriously, I do like to support small businesses. I bought a few things that were seconds and marked down but this medium sized nappy knapsack was just perfect for carrying along crochet projects when I am on the move. It is in cherry blossom which I adore, peach skin which is yummy and has little straps that you can externalise so it will strap onto a pram. It was in perfect condition; just ex-display and a bargain!

Sewing 2009 003

Sewing 2009 004

And lastly I cannot resist vintage...well, anything really! I scored enough of this divine pattern green velvet off ebay to make myself a coat or a jacket. Now I am just too scared to cut it!

Sewing 2009 018

Ah, I feel much better now. Good to get things off your chest.

If I was a stay at home mum with 3 kids but no computer, we'd save heaps.

Oh, wait, what is that selling on ebay? It looks yummy........better check it out........hate to miss a bargain! Bye!


Karen said...

Oh you make me feel justified in my spending...I'm sure helping to boost the economny too.

I can't stop buying Ottobre mags!

Love all your new fabrics...gorgeous.

The Handmaden said...

You're not alone with your little addictions! I just bought my first Fab. ribbon from CM, can't wait to see it. I think I'd be better off without the computer too...