Sunday, July 5, 2009

Advice for a 6 year old boy's birthday party...

Run them ragged!

My beautiful oldest son turned 6 yesterday. While we had a couple of (token) girls at the party, it was really a bunch of energetic, noisy, boisterous little guys running the show! (though, to be honest, he's got as many good girl mates as boy mates. He's a sensitive, new age sort of guy!) You may remember that the theme was robots. So the best part of my evenings the past week has been spent cutting, glueing and sticking robots for relays and "stick the button on the robot".

(Sadly, I get my jollies from this sort of things! But I must say that, as nice as it is to bake, decorate, plan and bring to life games as an outlet for my creativity, I am pining for my sewing machine right about now. Even my crochet hooks are pining for some company)

So we had as many running and racing games as we could- dodge balls, relays, even just sprinting races. Every parent appreciates picking up a subdued tired child from a party, don't they? We also had "eat the doughnut off the string" (tied to the clothes line) A lot of them took it very seriously which made it very funny!

JAS 2009 011

And the cake? A bright, multi-coloured robot, of course! I gave up my art years ago and think that doing my kids' birthday cakes is even more of a creative outlet for me than my sewing. Usually it takes me 4 or more hours to decorate. This one was easy!

JAS 2009 097 (Small)

As you can see, no natural food colouring was harmed in the making of this cake.

JAS 2009 071

I really shudder at red icing- I guess that it is the stigma of red food colouring! So I mixed it with yellow and used orange icing on the cake instead. No one said that I was a logical person...

So my first little baby has just turned 6. Not sure where that 6 years went...


Jo's Place said...

wow, love the cake and it's look like fun was had by all :)

Anonymous said...

Wow I LOVE THE ROBOT CAKE. i have 6 boys and know just what birthday parties are like and it sounds like you did a great job. well done.