Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Alternate therapies.

A hint of non-Spring Spring cleaning.

Sewing 2009

It has been a good couple of weeks since I have felt the motivation
and wanted to spend time blogging.

It isn't that anything particularly spectacular,
spectacularly awful
or awfully absorbing has been happening.

I have just had the urge to clean.
(If you knew me, you'd be picking your jaw up off the ground right about now)

No, my parents aren't coming to stay.
No, I am not pregnant and nesting (please no!)
No, I don't know why exactly.

I just got the urge to clean out cupboards and rooms that were set up
at the time of moving into this house 7 years ago
or at the time of renovation 4 years ago.

Little Boozle 2010

And it has been therapeutic.
Still a work in progress but my itch to sew is rather intense
so I am trying to get back on a more evenly balanced keel.
I did get a bit of sewing done here and there in the past 3 weeks
but it was sporadic and not very satisfying.

Add to that, our attempts in the past 2 weeks to catch Elvis,
extroverted, fast, dare I say cute, and able to lick a mouse trap clean of peanut butter without setting it off.
We had tried mouse-friendly traps, mouse unfriendly traps,
swearing and gentle begging,
all to no avail.

Just when we decided that, possible like his namesake,
it would be (long-term) death by cholesterol,
he finally got caught,
thankfully in the mouse-friendly trap and has been relocated into someone else's back yard.

So then I felt the necessity and cleaned the pantry.

PS It is very therapeutic to spend a few nights in front of the telly winding ribbon.
Almost as good as meditation.

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willow and moo said...

Doesn't your ribbon look all spiffy in that suitcase! What size cards did you use? I seriously need to order those cards and clips. My ribbon stash out of control AGAIN!!!