Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The gorgeous Go To dress

Enough woven dresses. Onto the knits!
A friend put me onto a fabulous free pattern from a great blog
called The Train to Crazy.
(Love that name!)

You can find the pattern and the blog here.

My version uses 3 different knit fabrics all from the Crafty Mamas shop.

Little Boozle 2010

It is really sweet and now I want to keep making them!

Little Boozle 2010

And the little goddess thinks so too.

Little Boozle 2010


Kate said...

It really is gorgeous!
TRhanks for the link, I'm off to check it out now. Not that I'm brave enough to sew knit yet though.

Andrea said...

I adore it!! Looks great! Link up in The Train To Crazy Flickr group if you'd like! http://www.flickr.com/groups/tttcg/

Michelle said...

The dress is gorgeous. Maybe that will make me brave enough to sew knits.

MoederKip said...

Love it Tas - really gorgeous. Beautiful fabric combo ... as always :-)

michal said...

so so sweet!

Liz said...

Another gorgeous dress! You are on a roll :)

Lola Nova said...

Oh it's wonderful! I too am still afraid of knits but I know one day I will get my courage up. Thanks for the link. I love the name, I always say when things are going a bit wonky that we are on the crazy train to crazy town!

I love all the knit fabrics you used, well done!