Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Piggy piggy jam jams...

...or you may know them as pyjamas.

Sitting here drinking a never ending hot cuppa to keep warm,
I shivered as I thought of the poor little goddess having to do a catwalk of these summer PJs.
But given that, as you will notice, she spent the whole time posing on front of her reflection in the telly,
she didn't seem to mind.

Little Boozle 2010

Pattern: Favourite Things- The Little Jammies
Fabrics: Dora and red spot- from Crafty Mamas shop
Floral- red Flower Sugar

Little Boozle 2010

This is a really sweet little pattern.

Little Boozle 2010

I made the camisole version
and only changes the waistband to fully elasticised
(the pattern is elasticised at the back with ties at the front)
Comes together really quickly and is dainty and feminine.

Little Boozle 2010

Socks don't match?
I just couldn't bring myself to fully undress her on this cold day for the sake of my blog.

Little Boozle 2010

It may well be that these are PJs and the red set is day wear
as it will be a struggle to get her out of the Dora set methinks.

Little Boozle 2010

Little Boozle 2010

Little Boozle 2010



Quilary said...

What a cutey! The red combo is so sweet, but no wonder she won't want to get out of Dora - all that beautiful purple!

willow and moo said...

Tas, they are gorgeous. Love the red set!!!

michal said...

adorable outfits! I just baught some Dora fabric to make something for my little one too :-)

Lola Nova said...

Gorgeous! I have made quite a few sets of jammies from that pattern and they are well loved!

Sally said...

OH! They're both so gorgeous... but I love love love the red ones. Can you make them in my size???