Monday, February 28, 2011

Baa baa blah blah blah.


Nothing makes me grumpier than political correctness gone mad.

Someone thinks it necessary to change "baa baa black sheep".
to "baa baa rainbow sheep"?
Are you serious?

Black sheep do exist, Mr "I-am-bored-today-what-innocent-thing-can-I-find-to-put-a -PC-taint-on?"
In fact, this particular nursery rhyme, they seem to be favoured and popular.
Their wool is wanted by everyone.
There is no suggestion that black sheep are inferior
or produce wool of dubious quality.

I ended up having to explain to my 7 year old son
why someone wants to change "black sheep"
 to "rainbow sheep"
That damaged his innocence more than the nursery rhyme ever did.


Maxabella said...

I hadn't heard that one! Mental! Over-PCing stuff makes me go mental myself. x

willow and moo said...

That's crazy! Who has ever heard of a rainbow sheep?

Lou's Mum said...

we change the colour of the sheep here all the time! not out of political-correctness... just because the kids like to choose a different colour sometimes. For a while it was orange, my daughter likes pink, and we have had a rainbow sheep in the song :)

Tania said...


'Rainbow' doesn't even blooming work.

Long reign the innocence of black sheep.

bekimarie said...

It's been that way over here for a good whle now, they even tried 'baa baa white sheep'. Ummmmm, I'd like to know how that was supposed to work, no dfferent to 'black sheep' if you ask Me.

B xxx

Lillabilly said...

You know, I was in the early childhood sector for an extremely long time and we DID used to sing this but only as a fun way to entertain the kids and get their little brains thinking of different colours to choose each time we sang as well as making each child feel special when they got to choose what colour we'd sing had absolutely nothing to do with political correctness whatsoever. I actually think someone in the media heard about it (and it's been happening for years, literally!) and misinterpreted it entirely. Slow news day, maybe?