Friday, March 23, 2012

I have caught the bug.

I am back.

I am enthusiastic,
positively champing at the bit to get my life organised,
to achieve,
to be adventurous.

After months of apathy and sluggishness,
I am inspired.

So what brought on this adrenalin surge?

A small thing really.

A really small thing.

A small, mobile, hairy thing.

A carpet beetle.
Or beetles.
Or more specifically, larvae.

Might I say there is nothing like a vacumning knitter finding a teensy weensy hairy little beetle that eats yarn
to kick in that survival "fight or flight" reflex.

So I find myself dealing with the little critters,
checking the yarn stash.
cleaning, cleaning, cleaning,
washing, washing, washing,
vacumning, vacumning, vacumning,
more washing,
throwing out doses of cedar and lavendar (and I will admit a good spray of Mortein Fast Knockdown
when it is warranted) as I go,
extending to cleaning out-
the kids' toys, books, our clothes, the pantry...
Spring cleaning areas in the house untouched by civilisation since the Industrial Revolution...
jumping feet first into the "want to do" list
that I have ignored for a year or two...
planning what I am going to get done...
Who'd have thought that such a small, hairy critter
could delivery such a big kick up my butt?
I'm fired up.
And it feels good.


(Nb It probably only feels this good because my yarn stash seems to be pretty much intact)


sallyb said...

If I find bugs in my house will you come and clean it too? :p

Sally said...

A yarn eating bug??? I never even knew of such things. Now you have me freaking out!

Nikki said...

Go get 'em, tiger!

You know, as I was driving home tonight, I realised that I hadn't written anything on your no-mojo post, as I intended to come back to doing. I was going to write you an email to check in on you. good to know you're back on form.

CurlyPops said...

Oh no! I've never seen such a thing.
My day today is consisting of cleaning out the pantry as I've spied signs of a pantry moth. Ugh!

The Handmaden said...

Good for you, get those bugs and get creating!

Tasha said...

Great you got your Mojo back, sux why though :( I hope the energy carries through to everything else!!

Oh and PS see what news I miss out on by being a good girl and studying ;)

Liz said...

These little critters suck big time!! I found a heap of the beetles when we did the kids rooms and removed the old carpet. Must say there was great delight in squashing each and every one of them lol