Sunday, July 29, 2012

I will. Really I will.

I am a procrastinator who hates deadlines.

Not a procrastinator who pulls her digit out when the deadline looms.

Not a high achiever who hates deadline but doesn't need to worry about them 
because she finished that project yonks ago.

Adding to that, sewing has also taken a backseat to my knitting obsession.

So when Cam over at CurlyPops had a month-long skirt sew-a-long
a few months back,
it wasn't really likely that I was going to get over the line.

Even though I already had a skirt cut out
so already had a head start.

Even though it was a reeeeeallly simple skirt.

Even though the sew-a-long got extended
and I had another whole month to get it done.

blog 2012

See that green fabric right at the bottom, somewhat buried by life?
That's the skirt pieces,
pretty much where they have been for about 6 months now.
Progressively disappearing from sight.

So now Cam is hosting a bag adventure.

I am a sucker for bags.
Apparently, because I buy and make them,
I already have more than I need
(in the world according to Mr Boozle)

But pffffffft to Mr Boozle.

I don't have a cute, trendy, functional bag that will keep my hands free
as I scramble around the Grand Canyon
or play blackjack at Las Vegas
or hang on for dear life on a ride at Disneyland,
now do I?

It's a real need, Mr Boozle.

blog 2012

So pattern? Tick.
Fabrics? Tick.
Big girl undies? Tick.

Cam, I reckon this time I will do you proud.
Just off to think about that deadline for a little while first...can't rush these things, you know.


bec said...

haha, great post!

CurlyPops said...

Pfffft there's no such thing as too many bags Mr Boozle!!!

willow and moo said...

Mr Boozle can comment, but he knows that he will never win the argument. ;)

Karen said...

I'm in for this one too Tas - I will come in every now and again and give you a kick in your 'big girl undies' if you like!!??