Monday, July 9, 2012

This Week....July 9th, 2012


...We have been enjoying Miniscule.
My absolute favourite is the outdoor spider with the long legs 
but I really want to squish that wretched, irritating ladybird...

044 (Small) first-born baby turned 9.
Happy, happy birthday, my beautiful big boy...


...The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
broke my heart...


...We booked our first Vegas show for our suddenly-not-so-far-away USA holiday...


...I remembered when Tom Cruise's first marriage ended
and I thought (as a single 21 year old) "Yay"
(a purely youthful and hormonal response)

I remembered when his second marriage ended 
and I thought (as a happily married 32 year old) "Boo"
(Just when we thought that it was a Hollywood marriage 
that was going to work)

Now that his third marriage has ended
I am thinking (as a judgemental, harsh 43 year old) "Care?"
(Don't get me wrong- it is a shame, especially there is a child involved
but really I have never felt the same about Tom since he jumped all over Oprah's couch
and dissed Brooke Shields for taking medication to help with her post-natal depression)

(As an aside, it is interesting to note
that each of Tom's marriages have ended when his wives were 33.
Scientology conspiracy theory anyone?)

Little Boozle 2012

Little Boozle 2012
(Honeysuckle Vine beret- Janice Garett) has been about knitting hats
for cold winter days...

blog 2012

...My 7 year old roped me into being his partner for a little 1000 piece puzzle
for the weekend...
then more or less disappeared...
apart from turning up to announce what a great job we were doing...
Lucky that I love him.

blog 2012


CurlyPops said...

Haha maybe its a sign of age, but I had a care factor of zero about the big split too, but I'm much more excited to hear that you're off to VEGAS baby!!!

bec said...

I cracked up when I read you went 'yay'- cos we all had a chance, right? It's like when someone first told me George Michael was gay, and I was devo for weeks....didn't believe it, thought he just had to meet me. Oh, youth, so nice! And yeah to Vegas too, woohoo!

Lola Nova said...

Happy Birthday to your boy, 9 is huge!

Love the hats!

Celebrity splits? I'm just glad I'm not them, really.