Monday, July 16, 2012

The start of something new

JAS 2012

This morning our last child started school.

She danced around the house yesterday in anticipation,
she couldn't get dressed in her uniform fast enough this morning
and she asked us to carry her oh-soooo-heavy back pack to school for her.

She looked so big in her uniform
but she looked so small in the schoolyard.

I have been looking forward to this stage of our lives.

I have been a burnt out mum for a while.
I have been dreaming of regular, child-free time.
I have been thinking about a few goals, seemingly forever but at least 9 years, on the back-burner.

Most importantly, I am believing that I will be a better parent for the break that I will get each day
and that the time that I spend with my kids now
will be more valued and better quality.
That might sound cliched or corny
but I am hoping that it is true.

I am over the mother guilt thing that I have been feeling
because I have been looking forward to this day*

This morning, she was confident, enthusiastic and ready for her school days to start.
And so were we.

*disclaimer-Of course, this is only day one
so I am not completely ruling out a melt-down happening at some stage.


sascedar said...

what a special time- I hope you are enjoying your quiet day, guilt-free! :)sarah

Tanya said...

Hope it all went well

Sally said...

Wishing you all the best with you new era of parenthood. Yet another bitter sweet moment in the journey.