Monday, June 29, 2009

Passion and Sewing

(and the Life in Between)

I am passionate about my family; my hubby and my kids are the centre of my universe.

But I am also passionate abut sewing, crafting and creating.

I wonder what I did in those 20 odd years when I virtually gave up my art and my sewing. Now I can't sit in front of the telly, ride as a passenger in a car, (even be a guest at a dinner party if I had my way) without doing something- crocheting, drafting a pattern, cutting out...My hubby loves to plonk on the couch and relax watching mindless telly but I have to be very tired before I find that at all appealling!

But one of the envies in my life is that some people can earn a living by doing what they are passionate about, whether it be artistic or not. Can you imagine doing something that you absolutely love as much as you want to and knowing that it is creating an income? Would you get tired of it? Would it become mundane? At times I guess.

But as a stay at home mum, I can sew or craft as much as like, domestic duties and family needs aside. I earn a little money from it here and there but not enough to pay for even my fabric addiction. I do lose some of the joy in a project when there are "strings" - made to this requirement, made by this day etc- and I have no interest in making the same object over and over. So maybe I would lose some of the happiness that I get from sewing if it became "work".

I am a home body. Love pyjama days; love not having to make myself presentable or pack a suitcase. But then some days I get really bogged down with the mandanities of a domestic life. How much washing can 3 children and 1 husband make? Heck, is it time to make another family dinner already? Why can't any other person in this house put the toilet roll in the recycling? But then I can see my toddler pulling up her tee for her daddy to give her tummy another raspberry, I notice that my 4 year old sits cross legged on the toilet to do a poo and I get to explain what a "centrefold" is to my near 6 year old son. Just magic!...moments that I wouldn't trade.

Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things. ~Robert Brault


Sara said...

Tas, I think to earn a living you really have to treat it like a real job, or make such a name for yourself and have a following where people are willing to pay what your work is really worth.

I do what I do because I have a need within me to create, but I love having the flexibility to listen to the voice inside when I've had enough. I need to take a break. I think it's hard to do if you want to make a real income. There are days where I feel like way too much gets neglected here, so I can sew for others, and I don't enjoy that.

What I do enjoy is getting feedback about how much children enjoy wearing my clothes. I do get joy from looking at what I've MADE.

It's all a balance, huh?

TheGraceDiaries said...

Hi Tas, thanks so much for the link. I actually ordered some labels yesterday and can't wait to get them in the mail. Great post too, I totally understand where you are coming from.

Kat said...

Tas - beautifully written. I've been wanting to express that myself for a while - don't need to now! You did it for me :) Love, Kat xx