Friday, December 11, 2009

Cool Christmas idea #83

Displaying your Christmas cards

Sewing 2009
If you are anything like me, each December rocks around to find Christmas cards crowded into small spaces on the bench tops, falling everywhere, or even worse, the attempt to be Martha Stewart and run decorative lines around your windows so that your cards can be displayed in a stylish and neat manner. That is, until the kids play Tarzan on the tinsel strings and the lovely but cheap Christmas decorated pegs fall off with the cards and you get sick of putting the blasted things back on the line ten times a day.
This year I got one packet of Blutak, ignored hubby's ruminations about consequent grease patches or paint removal (I don't see you helping with the decorations, sunshine!) and am creating a Christmas tree of cards on our lounge room wall. Of course, this relies on you being mildly popular (or in our case, our school child being mildly popular) as a couple of Christmas cards stuck to the wall would just look plain dumb.
So far, so good. I can always pretend that we are popular and stick up some blank ones so that we look good! Shhhhhhhh!
PS Don't ask me what the first 82 cool decorating ideas are. Go and google them or something.

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