Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Farbenmix Quiala

A story of redemption...or perseverance...or just good old fashioned luck!

This was one of those projects that just wasn't fun. I picked my fabrics happily enough then started having grief. Not enough fabric to make the longer length. Cut a binding for the neckline but the fabric wasn't right so cut a different one then promptly lost it. Traced and cut out the sleeves thinking how short they were and how I didn't like sleeves that short then grumped when it came to sewing the sleeves because they were too short and I didn't like them. Had to unpick the neckline as the binding piece was too long. I just wasn't enjoying the project and thought that I'd never end up finishing it or, if I did, it would be added to my nightie drawer.

So it got shoved to the back of the sewing table for a week while I studiously ignored it.

Yesterday I picked it up as part of cleaning up my sewing area and in a half hour re-did the neckline, roll hemmed the sleeves to keep as much length as possible and what the heck, roll hemmed the body while I was at it.

Little Boozle 2009

Little Boozle 2009

The result was a short dress that is fine around the house (where I do not have to expose people with delicate constitutions to the cellulite and varicose veins of my thighs) and great as an overdress if I step through the front door. The panels are slimming and, after all that, I actually like it!

Little Boozle 2009

(Composition courtesy of my 6 year old son)

Fabric is a retro knit from my stash and chocolate and blue marle Stella from Crafty Mamas shop.

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Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

well done hanging in there, I love the fabric combos. and I love that you have presents under your tree already!