Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas confessions of an crafting mum

A Smidge of a Handmade Christmas
I'll get this off my chest before the New Year starts in oooh, about 9 hours and 27 minutes.
I don't "do" the handmade Christmas.
It just doesn't occur to me really as I am too busy sewing and crafting as my whim or "to do" list dictates. I do cook Christmas things with the kids (at least once...well, only once...that's my patience gone at this time of year) and I have made with love and teeth gritting each of them their own personalised Christmas stocking which, with the help of some old fashioned values and some superglue, I hope that the kids will cherish for many years to come.
Yes, you'd think hanging around sewing blogs and the Crafty Mamas forum that some of those legendary gals would rub their motivation off on me and I'd be making fabric memory cards and funky chenille clothing (and crocheted orange and peach pink toilet roll holders for the less favoured rellies) with aplomb.
Nup. Sorry. I think that the kids can have a bit of commercially made and/or other people's made stuff at this time of year and give them a break from my productivity.
(Yes, read that as "give me a break from my productivity")
So this is my offering. My daughter got a crocheted Eeyore as part of her Christmas score. Cuter than a crocheted toilet roll holder (once I realised that the ear was an ear and so funnily enough didn't look much like a tail when sewn onto the butt end- blame too much eggnog for that one)
Pattern by Siempre Josefina
Adored by daughter
And mummy has decided that amigurumi is not really her thing...
(This is small enough for my short sighted eyes!)
OND 2009
OND 2009
OND 2009
OND 2009
OND 2009
Received with love...
OND 2009
...Aaaw, OK, maybe I should make a few more things next year...


CurlyPops said...

Aaaawwww that's so adorable!

Peta said...

I love that sooo much Tas, no wonder Mae loves her! I made a bag for my niece this year two days before the big day and that was enough handmade Christmas pressure for me. It feels like a chore if I know I have to sew for someone and I don't think anyone in my family would really appreciate anything handmade anyway.

Tracy said...

beautiful! I love Eeyore. :D

fallen~from~grace said...

Awww I want one!!! That Eeyore is seriously cute!!!!