Friday, December 11, 2009

Crafty Mamas swap

A great little crafting community!
November swap over at Crafty Mamas was a bag swap. Today I got a lovely parcel from Mandy who finds the time to create and craft along with being a mother to eight!
Sewing 2009
What is particularly fabulous is that the bag was designed by another Crafty Mama, Tracy. She is mum to six, imminently seven, and has been nesting furiously of late. This equates to her producing many patterns free to use- check out her blog!
So 2 very industrious women have contributed to my parcel today.
And top it all off- a box of chocolates. Thank you so much Mandy.

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Gilly said...

Oh how cool is that! i have this bag on my ever growing list of things to do in the new year!