Thursday, February 25, 2010

Secret Guide to Successful Weight Loss


OK I know that I could write this down and sell it and make a fortune
but I'd rather just share it with you all
out of the goodness of my own heart.

Having lost 7kg in 7 weeks,
I have worked out the secret!

Seeing the number of parcels that are turning up on my front verandah on a daily basis,
it suddenly make sense.

2 simple words, my friends.

Online. shopping.

I am not eating out of boredom. I am shopping online.
I am not scoffing snacks due to stress. I am stuffing my cyber shopping cart full of goodies.

And it is working.

Admittedly it is not a cheap weight loss solution.
Though probably still cheaper than a gym.

And it might well cost me my marriage if hubby gets to see the credit card statement anytime soon.

But I can just sashay my newly taut, trim body in his direction
and all (shopping) will be forgiven.

I hope.


Tanya said...

Fantastic effort but you also have to show us what you've bought- fun things??

zofia said...

Hehe, you go girl!
Just hope the old cc can keep up! ;)
(Been known to do a bit of that myself!)

Carolyn said...

Thats fantastic- the 7kg in 7 weeks. Im hiding under the covers for when your DH sees the CC though LOL!

Tas said...

lol Tanya. I don't want him to have proof of my sins. Have everything hidden...but lots of fabric, patterns, ribbon, yep, mostly crafty stuff. Is there room under there for me too Carolyn?

Snowdrops and Mudpie said...

Way to go on the weight loss Tas, but I'm thinking you ought to do a little shopping at somewhere like Victoria's secret too......just to flaunt that new body in when DH finds the CC bill ;)

Tania said...

So really, because 7kg in 7 weeks is a perfect rate of weight loss, you are doing great stuff for your health and general well being AND winning with mail! I love mail. Possibly more than chocolate. I think I'm going to take a leaf.

JulieT said...

Wow you are doing so well Lets hope the congo cart helps fatten your wallet soon!

VaderKip said...

Mmmmm, so that's why we have had a sudden increase in deliveries at home!!!