Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sewing dabbles

Yes, sewing dabbles.

I feel quite pressured and disorientated at the moment.
I have lots of projects (some sewing, lots not) on the go.
Some that involve deadlines.
And some that don't but I feel the need to put pressure on myself.

I try and remember daily that luckily I am a SAHM,
there is NOTHING that HAS to be done...

Well, apart from making sure that 3 children end up safely back in this house by nightfall,
that they have had something resembling a green vegetable between getting up in the morning
and going back to bed in the evening
and that they get an occasional bath.

But I put pressure on myself.
Always have and daresay always will.

So between cleaning every cupboard in the house
and cooking up tomato pasta sauce before our home grown tomatoes rot in a mass frenzy,
I got a bit of sewing done.

One which has a deadline
and one which didn't.

Little Boozle 2010
Onion 20028 bootleg trousers
(simple pattern but very long in the leg)
Little Boozle 2010

Little Boozle 2010

Duck Soup Originals easy knit skirt
Fabric from Crafty Mamas shop
Embroidery Matruschka Pimpinellskova from Huups
Love this pattern. So easy and fast to sew up.


michal said...

Love the skirt, and the applique on it! adorable!

zofia said...

cute Tas, love that red fabric!

Lola Nova said...

I've just read your last few posts and I have enjoyed them completely, especially the one about Valentines. I had hoped that by the time I got to the comment bit, I'd have something clever to say. Turns out, I just keep thinking about how I forgot to pick up flea medicine for the Buddha cat. Such is the life.

Seriously, I love the clothes too, wishing I had an embroidery machine, and I say go for the metal sharpener!

Gill - That British Woman said...

that skirt is just so pretty. The trousers are too "busy" for my taste.....

Gill in Canada

word verification: bless

Snowdrops and Mudpie said...

Oh I so hear you on that self imposed pressure!!! My list of things I want to do is so long it often paralises me, I really need to back off on myself

Love your blog too by the way.....can I claim some fame by saying I made you do it? Or at least I dared you LOL (oh and don't tell, but I've let my Otto sub go too. Shhh!)