Monday, July 19, 2010

On this day... 1553...Lady Jane Grey was replaced as the Queen on England after 9 days on the throne 1692...5 women were hanged as part of the Salem Witch Trials 1946...Marilyn Monroe completed her first screen test 1954...the first part of "The Lord of the Rings" was published in London 1961...the first ever inflight movie was shown on a TWA flight 1990...I met my future best friend, future confidante and future husband.

OK So I didn't know his name as I showed him how to frog scull port but that came later.

JAS 2010

Happy anniversary sweetheart.
Looking forward to our next 20 years together,
then the 20 after that,
and the next,
and the next...

Footnote:  Thank you for your best wishes. But due to an "incident" involving post-exam celebrations, myself and a cask of port a year later, I haven't touched port for 19 years.


Liesl said...

Happy anniversary - hope you get to drink a few ports together to celebrate!

Carolyn said...

I agree with Liesl, maybe have a port together tonight for old times sakes.

Congrats! Here is to the next 20+ years!

zofia said...

Congrats Tas and Al!
20 is a big number! here's to the next 20 :D

hmm, maybe some red wines? ;)

Sally said...

WOW - congratulations! What a score! (... get it???)
Hope you have lots and lots and lots and lots of wonderful years ahead.

Lola Nova said...

Oh goodness! Have a wonderful anniversary and many lovely years to come!