Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Some days...

Some days are brightened by a child's hug.

Some days are brightened by a cup of coffee and a magazine enjoyed in peace and solitude.

Some days are brightened by an hour-long chat with a old friend on the phone.

Some days are brightened by a worry being lifted off your shoulders.

Other days,
like today,
 are just brightened by a beautifully presented box of cupcakes...

JAS 2010

JAS 2010

JAS 2010

(And I don't mind telling you that after the kids have shared some as a special treat for dessert,
and gone to bed,
mummy and daddy are sharing that one in the middle,
with its little pocket of lemon curd
and big dollop of meringue on top)


VaderKip said...

Oh yum. Hope you enjoy the lemon one. I'll be silently sitting here salivating at the thought!!

Sally said...