Monday, September 13, 2010

The appeal of an Onion

I have a few Onion patterns in my stash
and a "wish" list for more.
They seem to be nice, simple designs
but sadly I have been disappointed to date
with the couple that I have made up.

Little Boozle 2010

Over the weekend,
I grabbed Onion 2022 and made it up using a Spotlight printed knit.
It came together really well
(all the unpicking that I had to do was self inflicted)
and suited the soft draped fabric that I had chosen.

Little Boozle 2010

But (yes, there is a "but")
there is a noticably low cleavage.

And we aren't talking the

We are talking the "well-hello-sailor-my-name-is-Luscious-Lovelips-and-I-am-looking-for-a-good-time-how-about-it?"

Little Boozle 2010

I think I feel a bit more comfy with a cami underneath.
In fact, I love it (with the cami)

So the jury is still out on Onion patterns.
I will try a couple more and see how they go.
They are simple patterns that come together quite quickly and buying from the above site gives you free English translations with most patterns.
Good thing as my Danish sucks
and there aren't any pictures in the patterns.

Nb: the cropped photo is a consequence of trying to post with the camera on a timer and balanced on its side with a stuffed toy and a remote control holding it in place.
However, it was better than this one...

Little Boozle 2010 1633 (Small)

...don't you think?


becci said...

It looks great Tas. But I do love the last photo!

Crafty Mama said...

Oh gosh, that, my a definite ticket-to-the-booby-show dress!!

But gorgeous!!

Karen said...

That's a great dress - looks fab wit the cami but I am with you -who would wear that without a cami under it!! Perhapd a lady of the night...

Nathalie said...

...boah... so nice!!!!
♥ Nathalie