Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Drink water with health benefits for millions of people.


I am not a person who buys bottled water,
that is, not unless the need arises on a hot or active day when I am caught with 3 young kids without anything to drink.

But apparently someone in Australia does-
given that Aussies spend $600 million dollars on bottled water annually.

Did you know that nearly 900 million people in the world
cannot just go and get a drink of clean water?

900 million is unfathomable to me.

A group of young Aussies started a venture called "Thank you Water".
It is simple.
You buy "thankyou" labelled water when buying bottled water.
100% of the profits go towards funding water projects in countries of needs.


At the moment, none of the volunteers are drawing a wage from the venture.

Visit their blog and their website.

Then, if and when you need to buy bottled water, buy thankyou water if you can.


Purchase of a single bottle will provide at least one month's safe drinking water for another human being.
It's a no brainer, really, isn't it?


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