Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sew Liberated Sunday Picnic blouse

Little Boozle 2010
I have been struggling to get going of late.
The longer my "to do before the school holidays" list gets,
the more time I seem to spend contemplating cloud formations out the window with a hot cuppa in my hand.

I need to find my sewing mojo
which I suspect has sneakily burrowed away under the messy pile of fabric on my sewing table.

I cut this blouse out more than a fortnight ago.
See, that just wasn't a good start...
I don't do well starting a project
and then trying to get back into the right headspace to continue with it weeks later.
There were lots of pieces that I had to familiarise myself with again.

I used an old sheet for fabric as I need a lot
and didn't want to buy anything given I haven't used this pattern before.

Little Boozle 2010

In spite of a good result,
I didn't enjoy sewing this up at all.
You  know how some projects are like that?
I also didn't love the instrucitons or the way it was put together.
That is probably just me.

It isn't a hard pattern.
I just didn't like it.
I like the result but don't love it.
I am not a prissy person so I wasn't sure about the bow.
But it is actually much less fussy because of how big it is.

It will get a fair bit of wear over the heat of the Adelaide summer.

Meanwhile here is my best "hurry up and take the photo it is late I am freezing the camisole is the wrong length I want to get rid of my bra and get into my pyjamas and make a nice hot cuppa by the way remember I hate posing and having my photo taken" look...

Little Boozle 2010

And here is the back view while I scowl at the blinds...

Little Boozle 2010

All righty then.
Off to try and sneak up on my mojo and give it a good shake.
I have 4 pairs of PJs to make for the boys
and need to stop staring out the window.


Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

Now you may not want to hear this but I really like that top and it looks lovely on you.

I can relate to the formations outside the window LOL.

Lola Nova said...

It does look lovely and the sheet you used is just perfect. I do understand how some projects are just not as enjoyable to work as others. Good for you for keeping going.

busygnomes said...

I think it looks great on you, good job!