Monday, January 3, 2011

A Culture Vulture


I remember when I was growing up
that my parents would send me to my room to play my horrible music
out of their earshot.

I wasn't into anything offensive, like heavy metal or David Hasselhoff.

It was because they were playing Billy Joel, Abba, Boney M and the like
while I was wanting to blare out "The Phantom of the Opera" or "Evita" soundtracks at full volume.

Heck, my folks even played Tiffany's "I think we're alone now"...
remember that one?...
Then there was Sam Fox...
she of questionable (singing) assets...

...and yet they questioned my taste in music.

I did gradually become what was perhaps a more typical 80s teenager,
developing crushes on grown men who wore mascara and pastel pirate shirts with lots of hair product.

However I continued to play "Michael Crawford sings Andrew Lloyd Webber"
surreptitiously in my bedroom (if only to drown out the strains of Tiffany)
even as a few "Spandau Ballet" and "George Michael" posters got blu-tacked to my wall.

But I have always loved musical theatre.

My one lament of Adelaide living is the number of big productions that don't make it here.

Adelaide does have a wonderful culture of arts and entertainment though
and I really would like to experience it more often.

Tonight hubby and I went to see the national production of West Side Story
which has just opened here.
It was energetic and entertaining and fabulous and fun and, and, and!

A brilliant start to my cultured new year!


Tracy aka Mad Quilter said...

I want you to add an ENVY button to your blog posts!! I'll have to wait for my kidlets to get big enough to babysit and then I'm coming down for a few of those shows.

Karen said...

Was a great night! I have all of ALW's cds too...did I just admit that on-line :O


Tanya said...

Hooray Tas. That's what I saw 'on broadway' when I was on my big trip recently. West Side Story in New York, where it was set- amazing. How very cultured. Is this also where I confess that I have got that Tiffany song on my ipod...I am not proud, just a bit of an 80's dag!