Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sex, lies and vacumn cleaners.


So it is a fact.
We lie.
Australian adults that is.
Don't know about the rest of you non-Australians
but we here Down Under are definately dodgy.

Results of a survey carried out by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
indicated that the average Australian lies three times each and every day.

Do you?

Mostly blokes lie about sex and embellish many women they have slept with.
C'mon, boys. What's the story?
If you have 3 partners,
are you upping it to 4?

(For those who want to know, women usually decrease their claims of sexual prowess and achievements)

Most popular lies include those regarding whereabouts and chores being done.

So I am guessing that when I come home and tell hubby that I was at the shops for well beyond that hour
due to slow service when it was really because I just kept shopping,
that's one lie for the day.

I often tell hubby "I forgot" to do something
when I should perhaps have said "I procrastinated over it and ran out of time
but hey, you will never guess who was on Oprah today!"


My hubby and I disagree on the little white lie.
He doesn't like lying and it is rare for him to do so.
I, on the other hand,
believe that the world is a better, happier place for the sake of a few little mistruths.

I know people who tell their kids that the ice cream van only plays Eidelweiss
when it has run out of icecream.

I am sure that my mother in law prefers to think that I truly missed her call because I was in the shower
than know that I didn't pick up because I was comfy knitting on the couch and didn't want to move.

I know I am happier because my kids aren't pestering me incessantly to taste my dessert mix
because it *cough* has coffee in it
and they know that they aren't allowed coffee.

I truly believe that it is better for our relationship that my hubby doesn't quite know
how much fabric and yarn I buy.

Just as I believe our relationship is better because he tells me that my butt doesn't look big in this.

(Right about now I think you can guess who the survey said was on the receiving end of most of our lies...)

And I know hubby loves the spirit of Christmas while we have three children who believe.

Oh, yes,
apparently the big guy in the red suit doesn't come under the "Little White Lie" heading...
neither does the tooth fairy...
or the Easter bunny.
(No, they come under the "Great Big Humungous Hoaxes" heading...
which is completely OK apparently)


Hmmmm, I think I'd better go and ask him again how many girlfriends he had before me...
or, more importantly, did he really work till 8 o'clock last night?

Meanwhile, what do you think?
Do you think that the world is better off for the sake of a little lie
that may prevent embarrassment, anger or difficulty?
Is it a power that should only be used for good
or not at all?

Meanwhile, I am off to vacumn the lounge so that I can assure hubby
that I vacumned the house today.
I think that my nose just grew...


Tracy aka Mad Quilter said...

If I said I never lied, I'd be telling a lie :) There's a few truths that are best shined up a little.

Carolyn said...

as far as a lie- i do my upmost not to- I pride myself in the fact that I dont despite the fact I might get into trouble.

But as far as "do you like my new skirt" goes, I think there are other ways I get around it.

DH is good at this one- passive!

Or I genuinely do believe that there was bad service at the shops!

But who knows what I say that isnt true that I truly do believe. eg the kids were so naughty today as apposed to me being cranky and the kids were being quite normal.

Lola Nova said...

I am a terrible liar, well...that's what I would like you to think. I may omit some details every now and again :)

becci said...

A few little details left out makes life much easier. Dh really doesn't need to know that I bought 4 pieces of fabric instead of the 1 I went in to buy or that although the yarn was on sale I needed an amazing number of skeins to finish that crocheted blanket!

busygnomes said...

Oh, I'm sooo with you on this one.
There is no way my husband can lie, even little ones, it's the good catholic boy in him.
I on the other hand, deem white lies necessary, of course the icecream van only plays when the icecream has run out. And telling hubby how much fabric I buy, yikes!