Sunday, January 30, 2011

Statistics of a husband's mid-life crisis

JFM 2011

Age: 40 years
Causes for distress: Receding hair line; acceptance of never-to-be-clearly-defined-ever-again 6 pack;
Number of little red sports cars involved: 0
Number of young, pert blondes involved: 0 (lucky for him; it could have gotten ugly)

JFM 2011

Number of really long, really hard bike rides chosen to complete upon reaching 40th birthday: 1
Number of mates conned in to doing the same: 2
Number of wives and children packed into the cars to visit 3 states and drive about 12 hours each way to reach the really long, really hard bike ride: 3 and 7 respectively
(That includes his mates' families. He isn't stockpiling extra wives and far as I am aware)


Total time from start to finish: 10 hours and 10 minutes
Total riding time: 9 hours and 11 minutes
Total distance cycled: 196 km
Total vertical metres cycled: 4355
Minimum temperature: 4 degrees Celcius
Maximum temperature: 49 degrees C
Assessment: hardest physical thing he has ever done

JFM 2011

Event: Audax Alpine Classic, Bright, Victoria (23rd January, 2011)

JFM 2011

Money raised by husband for Oncology Children's Foundation:
over $2400

Wife's pride factor: off the scale

JFM 2011

...Dalgarno, Alan        finish...

Well done, hon.

(And to think, all I wanted to do on my 40th was kick back with a nice bottle of bubbly)

Wonder what will be on for his 50th.
I hear that there is some nice bike riding to be had
around the French Alps...


Kate said...

Gorgeous post!
Congratulations and very, very happy birthday.

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That's fantastic!

Tracy aka Mad Quilter said...

Congratulations Al

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Fantastic Al!

Anonymous said...

wooohooo!!!well done!!!

becci said...

way to go Al. What a fantastic achievement.

Carolyn said...

good on ya Al! Happy 40th birthday

Jorth! said...

Wow - that's really impressive!

Tania said...

I LOVE this post to bits. What a way to do a crisis!

Tanya said...

impressive. fun. Happy birthday to Mr. Boozle

The Handmaden said...

Wonderful stuff, congrats to Al!