Sunday, January 29, 2012


Buoyed by Wagon Wheels
(That's me. Not the kids)
Oh- and lots of coffee
(Too early in the day to get buoyed by alcohol)

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A practice run first.

blog 2012

The 8 year old was focussed.

blog 2012

The 6 year old was...creative.

blog 2012

The 4 year old was vertically challenged.

blog 2012

Any loss of patience or enthusiasm from me
was counteracted by the oldest sibling,
who, after one practice run on the machine,
knew absolutely EVERYTHING about sewing.

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~Pick a legless softie.
(Maybe one leg would be OK.
A short stumpy one.
And even a short stumpy tail.
But not 4 legs)

~Using chopsticks is pointless if a limb has been sewn narrowly almost to the point of amputation.

~As teacher, it is your job to keep stuffing well after the kids have
moved on to a game of Monopoly.

~In spite of this distraction,
you wont be able to sew them up fast enough to keep those same kids happy.

blog 2012 209 (Small)

But everyone seemed happy in the end
and I can cross that one off the list.
(Once is enough, isn't it?)

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bec said...

Well done! Mine also knows 'everything about sewing', tiresome isn't it? they've done a great job, and must be pretty proud of themselves!

Liz said...

Good on you Tas! I daren't go there yet - but then again, my two are happy enough if I give them a threaded needle and some scraps......for now!

Nikki said...

Welcome to my world! I have an expert at my house too - won't listen to a word of advice I might have to offer about sewing. Anyone would think I knew something about it, the way I bother her with HELP.

Good on you for getting them started. They'll take it and the Elna Mini where they will, but at least you've given them the opportunity to take it if they want to. Lots of kids don't get the chance.

The Handmaden said...

Good on you Tas, and not a sewn over finger in sight!

Crafty Mama said...

Awesome work guys! ( great patience building task Tas!).:)

Peta said...

Well done Tas, mine glue, sticky tape and cut my scraps but I'm not game to mention the machine yet. :)

sallyb said...

Hell, I knew more about sewing than my mum after my first lesson too!

Nice work Tas, you've all done a fab job!

Sally said...

Oh the softies look fantastic. My children find everything "too easy" and know everything about ... well everything.

becci said...

They look cool. I'm almost tmepted to buy some for my kids....nah only joking. Well done on not sewing any fingers.

Sampson and Lorrie said...

I love seeing children sewing. My son loved sitting at the machine piecing quilts. Today he is studying to be a surgeon. I guess he loves sewing.....