Monday, January 16, 2012

Risky business

So maybe my blog can be a bit risque
for a crafty-mummy type blog,
with the occasional use of words such as porn, boobs, testicles and pink bits.

Heck knows that I get some interesting "Search Keywords" when I check my stats-
such as "my boyfriend wears my clothes"
(though how in heck a search for "woman with 2 vaginas" brings up Little Boozle
is quite beyond me)

But when hubby installs some softwear to prevent the kidlets getting more than they bargained for
when spending time on the net
and my own computer then stops me from accessing my blog page
categorising it as a gambling site,
I wondered...what the?
(But yes, OK, first I panicked and wondered if I was a victim of a hacker)
It would seem very (=overly) efficient as far as web-nannies go.
I wonder if the kidlets will be able to access the Wiggles website
or if it will be restricted after being categorised as an offensive use of skivvies.


CurlyPops said...

Oooh how bizarre! I was about to panic thinking you were going to start censoring Little Boozle... phew!

Mary said...

see the web knows you better than yourself hehe.