Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Familiarity breeds contentment

Not to be confused with "familiarity breeds contempt"

The second saying, of course, is one that I, as a stay at home mum, am on very good terms with. I think that this saying was coined by a SAHM. I believe that my children would be less contemptuous of me if they were at boarding school and only saw me in school holidays or maybe even just at Christmas time...

But I digress.

Familiarity breed contentment. I bought my overlocker, my very first overlocker, 18 months ago. And I have been scared of her ever since. She is complicated, picky, moody and noisy. And she gets really snootish and defensive if I swear at her.

But tonight I rethreaded her from scratch in 5 minutes. Perfect. 1st time. Hence- familiarity breeds contentment.

Not that I will be ever able to achieve this again. But for now I will glow in the aftermath of the achievement...

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