Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tees tease

One down, who knows how many more to go...

I decided to try out the Ottobre Creative workshop tee pattern 301 for kids given how much that I love the adult version. So what started out as a tee for Mae has turned into the start of a production line of 2 for each of 3 kiddlywinks plus another 303 for me so that I don't feel left out!

They are cut out ready to go but I keep getting distracted by the mundanity of domestic chores, crochet and my coffee machine. I think about sewing a lot more that I actually sew!

So here is the 1st one and again the little goddess loves it. The thing seems to be the print. Cute butterflies and strawberries are obviously approved of but there seems to be little appreciation for floral embellishments...

Pattern: Ottobre Creative Workshop 301
Fabrics: Red Stella from Crafty Mamas shop (Aust) and strawberry print from Fabric Fairy (USA)

Little Boozle 2009

Little Boozle 2009

Little Boozle 2009

PS And who would have guessed that this little angel yesterday refused to eat, put any clothes on, drew on our polished Baltic pine floorboards with permanent texta (note to self- finish trying to clean it off today), cover herself and the bathroom in toothpaste and, in a triumphant climax to the day's activities, confetti a bowl of grated carrot all over the loungeroom carpet?


Punky's Mamma said...

Oooh - looks great!

PS It's always the cute ones you have to watch out for.... ;)

zofia said...

Love it Tas. Too scared to let T loose with fabric choice, hmmm spangled pink here we come ;)