Saturday, November 7, 2009

Best Ever Summer Meringue

Simple and yummy.

Continuing my "Best Ever" series of recipes, I made up the name to this so it is probably actually the "Only Ever" Summer Meringue around.

Make up a mix of meringue and form into a large flattish rectangle. Cook and leave in the oven to cool. I am presuming that you have your own pavlova or meringue recipe. I make it flat as I like the chewy crunchy meringue rather than the marshmallowy bit.

Break up into chunky pieces and cram into a large serving bowl alternating with spoonfuls of vanilla icecream. Flatten and cover and put into the freezer.

Make up a coulis blending fruit of choice and icing sugar to taste. My favourites are raspberries (scrummy even if using frozen berries) or mango.

Serve up spoonfuls of the frozen mix and serve with the coulis.

OND 2009

I initially used to put coulis through the frozen mix but found that it lost its flavour when it froze and was much nicer when it was over the top. You may also want to take the dessert out of the freezer a few minutes before serving unless you have a jackhammer in the kitchen utensil draw.

Gorgeous dessert for those warm summer evenings. Enjoy!


Tania said...

Yu-um! And I could probably find something jack hammer-ish in the shed -I'm hopeless at thinking ahead of time.

Gill - That British Woman said...

that looks so, so good, I mean really, really good......just a shame I am at the other side of the world!!!

Thanks for posting on my blog on Sunday, I am posting a link back to your blog on my Monday post.

Gill in Canada

zofia said...

oh yum!! I need to try this :D