Saturday, November 28, 2009

The good, the bad and the downright stuffed!

24 hours in the world of sewing.

Well, 24 hours with the in-laws visiting so that I could sneak off to the sewing room a lot more often than usual knowing that the offspring had some adult supervision, albeit the type of supervision that is wrapped around their little fingers.


...whipped up an Ottobre Creative Workshop tee for me in no time at all...

Little Boozle 2009

Little Boozle 2009
...and you have to love how you can make something like a Farbenmix Olivia in less than an hour...
OND 2009
...well, probably more indifferent than bad...
I started this Mamu Ulla about 8 months ago so I could wear it in Winter (which finished 3 months ago) It was early on in my knit sewing experience and I stuffed up the neckline then had to wait for some more fabric to redo the bodice. That arrived after a month but by then it was shoved to the back of my sewing table and I had lost my enthusiasm for the project. I'm not sure that I enjoy sewing up Mamu patterns.
So yesterday was THE day to finish it. And I did. And after spending a couple of hours sewing and thinking that it was not going to look like anything more than a particularly colourful though shapeless sack, it looks OK...and I'll wear it.
Some projects just aren't enjoyable from the moment you start till the moment that you finish.
Little Boozle 2009
Little Boozle 2009
...not a Studio Tantrum Laguna...
...but meant to be!
Little Boozle 2009
(Note- small photo lest you be too judgemental but yes, it is bad)
Luckily in a rare display of practicality, I made the Laguna up in a bargain bin print perhaps know that my brain these days is mush and that stitching 2 spirals together was not going to be as easy as I might arrogantly have thought.
Helen over at Stitcharooney made a comment the other day that with 40 minutes to go until leaving home, upon discovering that her youngest had no clean top to wear, she made a new one because it was easier to do that in 40 minutes than to try to wash and dry one.
Don't you love that?
And I love being able to do that.

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Liz said...

Oh Tas - I think you have scared me from trying my Laguna pattern now :) Glad you got some good sewing in first though ;)