Monday, November 2, 2009

Some Crafty Business!

Some much needed motivation.

Sharon from Handmaiden ran a blog competition during Blogtoberfest and I found out today that I am the lucky recipient of her ebook Crafty Business. (Yes, the competition gods are still smiling down on me!)

I started my blog earlier this year and as a personal recording of my crafty pursuits and social commentary which occasionally attracts a vaguley interested reader, it is plodding along quite nicely. I opened my etsy shop July 2008, listed 7 things and those that haven't sold are still there with no new additions for company. Admittedly I am time poor and having 1 child in school, 1 in half day kindy and 1 still at home means that, for me, sewing with intent to sell is a challenge.

I don't twitter; I don't facebook; I daydream about hanging around with fun like-minded people at a regular market stall; and when someone asks me if I sell my clothing after admiring something my daughter is wearing, I timidly volunteer that I am meant to be but don't really have the time. (Don't worry- at this stage of recalling those conversations, hubby rolls his eyes too- and says "did you hand out one of your business cards?" Erm, the answer to that could possibly involve the word no...)
Sharon runs a forum and videos as well as an online workshop for anyone who would like to improve and build up their craft business.
So thank you Sharon. I am hoping that your information will motivate me, inform me, educate me and drive me to be a better blogger and seller.


Vic said...

Oh congratulations - I wanted that too lmao, but I think I've won enough... ;)

Here's waiting to see what sort of new business shenanigans you get up to now!

Tania said...

Congratulations! I bought it and it's top of my list to get to with REAL concentration. Just waiting to remember how to REALLY concentrate.