Tuesday, November 24, 2009

No Need to Row Row Row your Boat...

...when you have turbo boost!

OND 2009
Cut out some bread bag tabs to a speedboat shape.
Pour some full fat milk into a large flat tray.
Gently float the bread tags on the surface.
(Note to self- keep the 2 year old away or the casualties will be high)
Pop a drop of food colouring in the hole at the back.
(Note to self- next time get some pipettes rather than trying to use a skewer and hands might not channel the colours of the rainbow)
Then pop a drop of washing up detergent in the hole.
And off they go....
Kids just need to gently steer them when they get caught up at the edge. No, not like that, just gently, a little tap, right, nooooooo, not like that, aaaaaaah, where's it gone?, hold on mate, I just have to find it, it has sunk, er, so has his, ugh, now my hand is red, where are the blasted things?, right, got them, now, let's try again, shall we?, noooooo, I said NOT LIKE THAT...

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Tracy said...

I'd rofl but I'd get the tum in the way! My goodness that sounds just like me when we try to do something FUN!I end up having to take a chocolate cake and coffee break ;)