Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome to the new year

...with a touch of queasiness!
OND 2009
(Sunrise at the Hazards- 5:45am- Coles Bay, Tas- December, 2009)
(Let me just say,
that the nausea is due to a few too many bright blue and deep red cocktails last night,
not due to any fear of what the future holds)
I'm not big on New Year's Resolutions. (Hate failure and all that)
So no big Resolutions for 2010.
But I will want to try really hard for a few things.
I do want to get healthy and lose some weight.
I do want to learn to use my present from Santa (more on that later)
I do want to be more patient and tolerant with my kids
and spend more quality time with them.
I do want to get more sleep (which could well help me with all of the above)
Meanwhile I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to come and read my blog
(and really thank those who keep coming back for more. You are responsible for many a warm fuzzy in my chest)
Goodbye 2009 The Year of Blogging Virginity
Hello 2010 hopefully The Year of Blogging Self Confidence.
Wishing everyone a healthy, safe and happy 2010.


willow and moo said...

Happy New Year Tas! Wishing you lots of love, health and happiness in 2010.

zofia said...

Tas, you were made for blogging :D

Have a fantastic 2010, I'll be reading, love your stuff mama!

Vic said...

Are you sure that warm fuzziness in your chest shouldn't be checked out by a doctor...?! :p

I had no idea 2009 was your virgin blogging year too! You seem like a seasoned pro to me... (..erm... that last bit... combined with the virgin bit... *coughs*)!

Jealous of your cocktails, they sound pretty even if they have made you a wee bit ill!

Happy New Year lovely! (AND, I missed you while you were gone... thanks for making up for it with like 100 comments on your return lol)

Gilly said...

Sounds like a wonderful plan Tassy - I too will be reading with delight! I love your blog.

Heres to many more brightly coloured cocktails and a fabbo 2010