Monday, March 22, 2010

Birthday Season again

Means the start of cake decorating again

I set myself up for huge stresses every March, May and June.
Which coincides with my kids' birthdays.
Which means cake decorating.

I set myself when my first born was turning one.
The teddy bear cake perfectly co-ordinated the theme of the invitations
and hours of decorating the cake to satisfy my creative urges
set the standard that I now feel compelled to match...
every year,
three times a year.

I used to draw and paint.
Now I sew, craft and decorate cakes instead.

My turning-five year old son adores Tom and Jerry.
I actually thought that was pretty easy
(as you may remember last year I had to fight off a "Transformers" theme for my older son)

JFM 2010


michal said...

this is one great cake! Happy Birthday!

Gilly said...

I absolutely love this Tassy - you are so clever!

Anonymous said...

Wow - you clever thing! My MIL sent me a Women's weekly cakebook a couple of years back cause I think she was a bit disappointed in my cake decorating efforts for the kids LOL.