Thursday, March 25, 2010

A new girl in the house!

Well, a new old girl.

My folks made their current trip over from Tassie via a road trip.
They packed up their van, boarded the ferry and took the very scenic Great Ocean Road on their way
to visit their grandkids (not me or hubby; wouldn't miss us if we weren't here)

Given their recent retirement and relocation,
they have been cleaning.
And thus turned up with my old school uniform,
some not so wanted bits and pieces
but one very wanted bit!

Her recent former life was sitting in the back entrance to my mum's house
replete with a lacy tablecloth
and some dust-accummulating, decorative floral thing sitting on top.

But now she is free.

Here she is...

Sewing 2009

Isn't she gorgeous?

Sewing 2009

Dusty maybe but gorgeous.

Sewing 2009

Not functional but gorgeous none-the-less.

Sometime I will get her seen to and see if she is useable.

In the meantime it is one solid piece of furniture
that perfectly accommodates my embroidery machine
in just the place where I wanted it to be.

Sewing 2009

Sometimes things are just meant to be, aren't they?


Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

Sorry Tas but you can not hide her under the emb machine. she is a beauty and must be seen, even if not functional she is just ...well... art. In such lovely condition too. drool drool

Vic said...


*sobs uncontrollably*

Gilly said...

LOLL @ Vic LOL..

She sure is sweet Tas!

JulieT said...

Takes very little to make these machines functional You might find all she needs is an oil and a new drive band! Have fun she is gorgeous!

Tania said...

She is LOVELY. Seriously, lovely.

The inlaws are plotting visits in our direction too. What you are hearing is barely concealed typed panic. There isn't enough room in this inn anymore (everyone seems to be growing and filling up the house or something) and last time they came for eight weeks in the middle of a blistering summer. They're English. It went badly. Even the grandkids lost appeal.

Tas said...

Vic? Vic? You there? You OK? (As much as I love and adore you, I'm still not giving here to you) My sympathies Tania. I think we'd cope better if our parents all lived locally- chronic low grade exposure rather than acute intense exposure. Heck, did I just make visits from the rellies sound like a disease?