Monday, March 1, 2010

Health Report for February 2010

Weight loss and fitness update.

After 2 months, I have lost 7 and 3/4 kilograms.

Needless to say, I am pretty darn chuffed.

(In shock that I am doing it but also chuffed)

I am maintaining my 40 minutes exercise 4 times a week- which is sustainable for someone who is essentially allergic to exercise.
I enjoy Zumba but spend the time thinking of all the other things (sewing!) that I could do with that time.

I am however very grumpy.
Definately due to getting less sleep than I should
but I also suspect that my calorie deficit is affecting me in other ways than just weight loss.

I am about half way to my goal.
Though I am now hoping to go a further couple of kilograms weight loss
(still above my ideal weight but hopefully sustainable)

I seem to be getting a bit of shape back.
Which I am rather excited about.


michal said...

you inspire me to start exercising myself.. I, too, spend that time (twice a week at best..) thinking of what I could have done..
But - you have every right to be very proud! this is quite an accomplishment!

VaderKip said...

congrats with your achievement so far. you are right to feel happy with yourself. Stick with it.

Tania said...

Way. To. Go.

It drives me nuts that you can never get a good crafty workout (hmmm, or could I get better at knitting?). I've been doing a lot of rowing and simultaneous groaning about all that making time down the drain! Think health...think health...

Karen said...

You are an inspiration Tas!! I'm even looking at Zumba products on-line now because of you....and I'm totally allergic to exercise.

willow and moo said...

Totally awesome Tas! :)

zofia said...

Wow Tas! That is excellent!!!

Gilly said...

Youre amazing Tassy - well done - keep up the hard work :)